CGNM Design, it's me, a graduate of the University of Montreal, Master of Architecture (2011), who tries to leave a small personal trace in the vast history of Architecture.

Passionate about ecological architecture and planning, 3R (reuse, recycling and reduction), crafts, creativity, and, of course, the environment, I try to reduce my footprint on this planet and develop tools that allow me to do so. This website serves among other things to divulge some tools that I have developed, my present projects within the framework of my studies or work and share my impression on the education of an architect and the profession, hoping that all encourage you to learn more about architecture and to find an architect for your projects and renovations.

Before going ahead, a little, but important note. If you want to use some of my work, it would be much appreciate that you send me an e-mail about it. Don't forget that since this work, is mine, I own all the rights about it.

Please, have respect for the works of other. Stealing is a crime, no mathers how it is made. I won't hesitate to prosecute anyone who don't respect the laws of copyrights.

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January 6th, 2013